Military: Η φωτογράφιση της νέας κολεξιόν της SAMEL (φωτογραφίες)

Η φωτογράφιση της νέας κολεξιόν της SAMEL σε military concept. Πρόκειται για δημιουργίες της Ρίας Ελληνίδου που θα παρουσιαστούν επίσημα στις αρχέςΜαΐου στη διάρκεια της 42ης Διεθνούς Έκθεσης Γούνας Καστοριάς

Ακολουθεί η παρουσίαση από το σάιτ της καστοριανής εταιρείας:

Today we are publishing a sneak peak from our 2017 photo-shooting background and I cant wait for all the reviews and reactions of our customers when they see the result and final products!

Special Thanks go to all the people that helped us accomplish this task!
Because as always, a great result comes from a great team!

I would like to mention Elena Verikiou Hair Passion and her team for giving us the hair look that suited best for this concept!
Lara Makariou for the make up and styling of our wonderful ‘actors’!
And of course our favorite photographer Γεώργιος Μπέλκος !

The military concept that inspired us to create this year’s collection came in an instance! We didn’t have a doubt about it as soon as the idea came from our Executive Fashion Designer Ria Ellinidou.

It surely is a trend at this moment in the fashion world and we see this in our everyday life. We are very familiar with the Parka Jacket or Army style with fur trimming usually around the hood. What we created was based up on this concept but in a totally different manufacturing way since the material used is 100% natural fur and this we don’t see much..

Our main purpose was to manage to create a product that will be executive and exclusive as casual and simple at the same moment.
An easy to wear exclusive fur coat.

But there is more…!

It is our first year to officially include Men’s wear in the exclusive collection!Without hesitation,these garments for men will leave you speechless!

The official presentation will take place as always in our Home City Exhibition!

Kastoria Fur Fair Exhibition 4 to 9 of May 2017!

Stay tuned!

Iraklis Michitsopoulos